Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sad to say goodbye.....

Time flew... just weeks ago we made our first walk down the hill through the tea plantations, and today we made the walk back up again, hoping it won't be the last.  So many beautiful details are now imprinted in our memories and our hearts.... the melodic ring of the children replying "Jambo Sana!" when we would arrive to the village and say hello... the women's angelic voices filling the air for miles during choir practice... Chizungu's eternal smile, such an important element in a Village Chief, making it impossible not to like the guy... the games we played and the lessons we learned, the times we reached understandings without words and the tasks we accomplished... this was an experience of a lifetime and we're so thankful we got to live it!!!!!!

Special thanks to Ron Dembo, Kit Pineau and Dominique Bikaba, for inviting us to participate in their lovely project, to Joseph for being by our side every day at the village, helping us communicate with the Pygmies and teaching us his own useful techniques on the field, to  Steve for all his help, to Chizungu, the village chief, who welcomed us to work with his community, to Jacques, Ishara, Bienda, Colondua, Bisimua, Safari, Tilonge, Esta and all the other children who brightened up our days with their beautiful energy and open hearts... and finally, to all our loving DONORS!!! Your donations provided the Buyungule community with  the materials and infrastructure necessary to live a hard-working, abundant life in better conditions... ASANTE SANA!!!!! 

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