Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seedlings and rainwater capture system doing very well!

When we arrived at the village, the first thing we noticed was the seedling nursery…  from far away it looked like a bright green carpet! From up close it looked even more stunning… enough seedlings are growing strong and healthy to fill the whole 8 x 20m plot of land at the village and still have plants left over to grow around the houses. Some are ready to transplant, so our next task is to prepare the raised beds as quickly as we can… we will be planting the seedlings using the bio-intensive method in order to produce the greatest possible yield on the amount of land we have.  

Seedling nursery

The second thing we were anxious to see was the pond we dug.  We left it empty 2 weeks ago and now it is a source of water for the community and the farming project! We noticed a few tweaks that need to be done, the far edge of the pond needs to be raised in order to allow much more water to be captured without overflowing, but a rainwater capture system is now officially in place at the village, which will save the women many trips uphill and far away to fetch water.


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