Monday, November 14, 2011

Let it rain!!!!!

The plan for today was to finish installing the rainwater capture system for the 1000L tank and then start planting more seedlings into the new raised beds... the sky looked gray since we arrived at the village, so we quickly got to work... Xavi brought all the necessary materials to finish the gutters on Chizungu's roof, and soon he and the guys had everything assembled...  the men  were asking questions about maintenance and everyone was happy!

Meanwhile, Mel gave the children the bisquits they had asked for... practically none of them ate their cookies on their own. They put them in their pockets and ran to share them with their families : )

Just when we were about to go plant seedlings, as if celebrating the inauguration of the new water tank, the rain decided to pour down... We'll plant the seedlings tomorrow... today, let's just LET IT RAIN!!!!

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