Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Working hard to finish well!!

Today, work was bitter-sweet... seeing so many people on the field, transplanting the last of the seedlings was truly a wonderful sight. The fact that this was our last day to plant together seemed to give us all extra energy to finish well, yet it's sad to think that soon we'll have to say goodbye to everyone, wish them the best of luck and take the last walk up the path through the tea plantations, with the children running and yelling at our sides...

The job was pleasant, planting carrots, onions, cabbage and sweet potato, emptying the seedling flats one by one and placing them back in the nursery to wait for the next germination period... Soon, the huge beds on the upper field were full, as well as a portion of the field we used for sweet potato. After we're gone, Jeph will help the Pygmies plant the last of the cabbage and tomato on the upper field as well, and intercrop the marigolds and nasturtium we recommended to prevent pests.

It's so satisfying to see things on their way, to know we all planted this together, and that in a few months the Pygmies will be reaping the benefits, harvesting thousands of vegetables and replanting more with the techniques they now know!!!

5,100 carrots
2,900 onions
2,100 cabbages
250 guides of sweet potato (will render about 5 potatoes each)
 850 tomato plants
 15 Moringa trees
50 Lab Lab Bean plants
5 Madagascar Bean plants
15 Pigeon Pea trees
10 Papaya trees
10 Maracuja vines

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